Sugar Free: 

Movement, Money, Method and Power: Decolonizing Ideas, Unexpected Mappings and Historical Disruptions.
Dimitri Madimin (NL) & Zen Marie (ZA). 
Madimin and Marie follow and map the global routes of sugar, its production and trade both historically and in the present. This creative research, includes activations, public conversations, events and exhibitions that explores this (post)colonial terrain in order to critically question the writing of history and the perceptions of cultural heritage.’Sugar Free’ opens up questions of colonial history, the trade in stimulants (sugar, tobacco, coffee, tea, cocoa and opiates), capitalism, migration, slavery and the mixing of DNA and cultures, in order to reveal unexpected and contradictory images, connections and practices. ‘Sugar Free is an experiment with time, a play across space and a global series of conversations and provocations. 

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